Irish National Seminar Irish National Seminar
Location: Dublin, Ireland

The Irish National seminar was carried out on 21 - 22 June 2010 (46 participants from the Confederation, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (tbc), National Economic and Social Development Office, Colleges and Universities, Irish Human Rights Commission. The Agenda and some photos of the seminar are on the web-site of the project. The impact of the workshop is reflected in the article published on the website of the European Commission, given in the link below:

Italian National Seminar Italian National Seminar
Location: Rome, Italy

The Italian National seminar was carried out on 15 and 16 July 2010 and 47 participants took part in the first day, 26 in the second day - high national trade unions officers; largely officers from CGIL and its sectoral federations but also representatives from CISL. The academics and young researchers were also represented. Some of the reactions and impact of the seminar could be seen from the web-site of IRES

Agenda of the Italian seminar
Bulgarian National Seminar Bulgarian National Seminar
Location: Primorsko, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National seminar was carried out on 24-26 June in the town of Primorsko with 35 participants from the headquarters of CITUB and BIA, the Branch federations of CITUB and Regional structures of BIA, representatives from enterprises and Multinational companies.

Agenda of the seminar
The kick-off meeting
Location: Sofia

The kick-off-meeting was hold in the Building of CITUB in Sofia and was attended by 8 participants from 4 partner-organizations - CITUB - Bulgaria, BIA - Bulgaria, IRES - Italy and Les Mondes du Travail - France. Our colleagues from ICTU - Ireland could not attend it as they had another event on the same dates and UATUC - Croatia cancelled their flight due to some unexpected circumstances.


The meeting was opened by Luben Tomev, Director of the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research at CITUB who welcomed the participants and described the importance of the project for CITUB and all the partners. The meeting followed the preliminary defined Agenda. After the presentation of the participants, their organizations and experience in the sphere of information, consultation and workers' participation the project outline was presented (aims, objectives, expected results, time frame).


We discussed, revised and approved the workpackages, workplan and roles and responsibilities of each partner. We made some changes in the time frame of the workpackages of the project (see them attached). The most important issue which was discussed during the kick-off meeting was the framework of the survey to be carried out. The participants gave their opinion upon the content of the survey of the project in the context of their national realities, the materials, analysis and implemented actions in their countries with regard to information, consultation and workers' participation. A final version of the requirements for the survey - its content (quantitative and qualitative), methodology, sectors/branches involved, etc. will be developed by Ekaterina Ribarova (ISTUR) with the collaboration of Salvo Leonardi (IRES) and will be distributed amongst all project-partners till the middle of January.


There was also a discussion regarding the content of the two of the main products of the project: the National Guides on information and consultation and the Transnational manual - we decided that the content of the Transnational manual will be finally approved during the next project meeting in Rome after receiving the opinions of all partners.

After the approval of the revised workpackages the rules and requirements for the financial reporting were presented by the Promoter (CITUB). Financial and administrative rules and procedures (especially the requirements for the staff costs and travel and subsistence expenses) were explained (see attachment). There were also some clarifications with regard to the deadlines for submitting the progress report and the final report.


Finally, some administrative issues were discussed as the dates and venues of the project meetings. The next project meeting was decided to take place in Rome (hosted by IRES) either in the period 10-12 March or end of March (after 21st).  

As one of the activities of the project is developing and maintaining a project web-site (which will be carried out by the employers' organization BIA) the following information should be sent to till 15 January:


1.      Short presentation (in English) of your organization;

2.      The most important projects your organization has been implementing in the last few years (just the titles, which EU program/budget line and the role (partner or promoter)

3.      The logo of your organization;

4.      The official web-site of your organization;

5.      A recent photo of the coordinator and the expert for this project from your organization + his/her contact data;

6.      Some materials in English regarding information, consultation and workers' participation which you think would be appropriate to put on the web-site and some photos of project meetings or activities in the framework of INFORMIA.