Second Project Meeting
Location: Rome

The second project meeting took place in the headquarters of CGIL (8 April) and headquarters of IRES (9 April) and was attended by 9 participants from 5 partner-organizations - CITUB - Bulgaria, BIA - Bulgaria, IRES - Italy, UATUC- Croatia and ITUC - Ireland. Only our partners from Les Mondes du Travail - France were not able to attend it due to some other engagement during that period.


The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Nicola Nicolosi - Head of the European secretariat of the national confederation CGIL who welcomed the participants and focused upon the European dimension of trade unionism and pointed out that trade unions should strengthen all forms of knowledge and experience through transnational cooperation in order to be real pillars of the European social model and European democracy.


The meeting followed the preliminary defined Agenda. After an overview of the development of the project every partner presented what is the stage of the survey in the respective country and if they will be able to develop the National reports with the results of the survey on time. This part of the Agenda was also taken as an opportunity for presentations on the situation of the information and consultation systems in each partner countries - what's is the legislation and the real implementation, what are the challenges and difficulties, etc. All partners confirmed that their surveys are implemented or almost finished and that they will be able to send their National reports translated into English till the beginning of May.


All partners presented what are their ideas related to the content of their National Guides (books). It's up to every partner to decide what should be the content of the National book. CITUB will provide only the covers of the books (the layout). We also decided that the books should be ready for the National seminars (in electronic format) - this means June/beginning of July and could be published after the seminars (in order to include some major conclusions or presentations from the seminars). All partners consider the budget for the publishing of the books quite insufficient - so we can discuss this issue once again during our next project meeting and try to find solutions for that problem.


We also discussed what should be the content of the Transnational Manual (book) - and we specified the major parts of it. This Manual should be ready for the Transnational Conference in Sofia (again in electronic format) and be published after the conference in order to include some of the conclusions and recommendations made during the event.


With regard to the National seminars/workshops we decided that they should be implemented till the middle of July as CITUB will make the first implementation and financial report in July and August in order to have a second installment from the Commission before the Transnational Conference in Sofia. I have attached the required list of participants for the seminars, a form for reporting the seminar and please make pictures during the events (not only the seminars but all events related to our project and to the topic of our project). I will also need the program of your seminars translated into English.


We decided that the next project meeting will take place in Croatia 8-10 July; for the Transnational Conference we've put the dates 7-8 October and for the last project meeting 28-29 October. Please check once again your Agendas and confirm the next project meeting.


The interim implementation and financial report will be done after the meeting in Croatia. I've attached the form for the implementation report and one financial form to accompany your financial documents. But this will be explained again in detail in Croatia.